About Me

Art Director / Graphic Design / Creative Director
Professional experience of 20+ years

I started my career in one of the Marketing departments of a large construction company in Brazil, where I started to build relationships with advertising agencies and design studios that were appropriate to serve this construction company. After a year, I was hired by one of the design studios, because of the strong working relationship we developed together. I stayed there for two years and then opened my own advertising agency.

I have been with my agency for 17 years, my main role is to lead the creative and arts team. Additionally, I have interacted with other agency areas and also served clients, prepared campaign presentations, media studies, graphic production, among other things. We have had a wide range of clients from the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, agribusiness, architecture, tourism, construction, real estate, football, and fashion industries. Knowing all of these markets and the consumer behavior of each was a rich experience that greatly broadened my general knowledge and avenues to search for marketing and advertising solutions and strategies.

In 2010 I received a very interesting proposal to partner with a company to start developing promotional products and point of sale materials with suppliers in China. I joined as a partner and went to China frequently to develop Lenticular Printing techniques (for Point of Sale material, showcases and events), sublimation where we created custom designs for drinkware lines that were sold at Retail, Theme Parks, and as gifts for companies. We have developed, for the 2014 Football World Cup, a model of one of the most modern private stadiums in Brazil. After 2 years I bought this company and I continued until 2015 when I moved to San Diego.

Here in San Diego, I opened MWayup where I continue to serve both partners in Brazil as well as some customers here. In my free time I like to invite friends and hold some events in my house with good food (cooking is one of my hobbies), music and a lot of chat. I love Cinema and I go very often as well, I love music, I am a musician and I go to many concerts, from thrash metal to jazz. I enjoy enjoying life, with family and friends and always learning, always keeping up to date, this is the recipe to keep the mind always active.

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