3D Stickers – Anamorphic

The 3D anamorphic sticker can also be a deformed painting or drawing, which viewed from a certain angle, returns its true aspect giving the three-dimensional appearance. It is a piece that causes audience interaction with brands and products at events, exhibitions and points of sale.
Check out some of my works below:

Shopping Frei Caneca has a year-end promotion, giving away a trip (with one guest to Africa and a Jeep Compass. I developed the whole look of a store, with the theme of the Campaign. Special highlight for two Anamorphic pieces, or 3D sticker, with an Elephant sticking out of the wall and a Lion giving paw to customers, we also did a Lenticular panel with a cheeta runnig. Very attractive and creative effects. This is another super job done in partnership with Triarts New Media.

Floor sticker for the “MeetUp” Brazil event.

Floor Sticker for Telecine TV Channel – Jurassic World Movie

Blue Girl floor and wall sticker – Art of Tim Burton exhibition

Construction siding in a shopping center in São Paulo – Brazil

Wall sticker “Sharks” for the 1st Marejada event in Santa Catarina – Brazil

Mona Lisa Serving Wine – Wine Festival